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We all love giving gifts to each other on those special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. and seeing the pleasure given to the recipient, once the gift has been opened.

A very wealthy business man, loved his father, but always seemed to have important meetings and social functions to attend on his father’s birthday and so could never visit him on the day itself. He got into the habit of always sending expensive presents, then going to visit his dad later when he could spare the time. He also liked to send his father unusual gifts, but being too busy to source these items himself he relied on his secretary to find them for him. A few days before his father’s birthday his secretary came into his office sounding rather excited and told her boss that she had found the most extraordinary present for his dad’s birthday. He asked what it was and she said, “It’s a large talking bird, that speaks five languages and sings the National Anthem whilst standing on one leg and it’s said to be the only one of its kind in the world.” It was very expensive and cost £10,000, but the business man didn’t hesitate and had the bird delivered by special courier, in time for his father’s birthday.

A week later when his busy schedule allowed, he visited his father to wish him a happy birthday and asked if he had enjoyed this year’s birthday gift. “I certainly did,” said his dad, “It was delicious, we had it for my birthday dinner, it was much better than the roast beef your mother usually cooks for us.”

You see, his dad had missed the whole point; he had treated as ordinary, a gift that was really very special.

Too often, that’s how we treat the many blessings that God gives to us, which are also very special.

“Go about your life doing what you believe is right and hold fast to your beliefs.
Appreciate all the help you can get along the way as you try to stay on course.”

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