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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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Crossgates and District Good Neighbours Scheme (Cont.)

There is also a Menís group for social interaction running at the same time, where games like dominoes or cards can be enjoyed.

Services we would like to start would be a befriending service, possibly to those who have been bereaved. Help with small practical tasks like changing a battery in a smoke alarm or a light bulb, taking down curtains for washing and then re-hanging afterwards, assistance with shopping, listening and just being a friend.

How can you help?

By answering the phone in our centre, working in our office, greeting visitors, helping at coffee mornings, driving, gardening. You can use your skills and learn new ones. You need not be out of pocket either: all reasonable expenses will be covered. Please remember that the services we wish to offer can only be provided with the help of volunteers; you are never too old; some of our volunteers are in their 80s and they are doing good work, going at their own pace. However much or little your contribution, it WILL be appreciated; it is your TIME and ENTHUSIASM that we need.
Interested? Ring Tony NOW on Leeds 260 65 65.

The future of the Scheme depends on us successfully applying for charitable status, which will allow us to compete for funding from Charities and grant making Trusts like the National Lottery. Local support is particularly important too and however small a donation it can be used to cover the costs of the services, which we will provide for the benefit of older people. Remember - everything has a cost.
Fundraising has to be ongoing and already we have seen the generosity of local organisations, businesses and individuals. Some Churches donate a percentage of their income to a local Charity and to others overseas, I would commend you to think about how you could help, from offering anything from a bag of sugar, a jar of coffee or a box of biscuits to a small raffle prize all will be most welcome. Remember us too in the "bigger picture" like making a bequest, when you write your will.
Thank you for taking the time to read this short article, I hope you have learnt a little more about who we are and what we are doing and how you can make the difference in building up our local community. Please remember we have only been around for a few weeks and you could be part of something new in this area and join in almost at the beginning of this exciting project.
Please remember - our success depends on how generous you can be with your time and money.

Crossgates and District Good Neighbours Scheme
Station Road Crossgates Leeds LS15 7JY
Telephone: 0113 260 65 65


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Published Mon 27th Dec 2004 18:21:50

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