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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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Using the Parish Web Site

The Parish web site has been designed to be a collaborative web site, anyone who is registered with it can help to make it part of our community. This does not mean that you will be expected to help, or that you are volunteering yourself for a “job for life" simply that if you find a web site for instance that you think would interest other parish people, or you notice that an event you know about is missing from the diary, you have the ability to add these to the site yourself. Similarly you can write articles and publish them straight to the Parish site.

This article will cover, in brief, how to use some of these features, and more importantly, how to join in.
When you are using both the “sandbox" (see below) or the St Theresa's proper web site you will need Javascript enabled, and if you are using a pop up blocker, turn it off temporarily or set it to only allow requested pop ups. If this means nothing to you, carry on as normal.

Becoming a member

The Parish web site is open to all current and former members of the Parish, currently we work on an invitation basis, but as there are not many registered members currently, at the bottom of this article is a tear off slip for you to fill in and drop off so we can invite Parish people on to the site quickly. You will receive an e-mail when invited which contains a confirmation code and a link to the confirmation page. You will have been given a suggested username for the site based on your first name and first letter of your surname, you have one, and only one, chance to change this, as these have to be unique across the site.

Now you will be faced with the “My Details" page, on here you can chose a “nickname" which will be used to identify you in future projects such as the discussion forums (Promised coming soon)
You can change most details here, including your e-mail address, which you can use instead of your user name when you log in.

The Alerts section at the bottom allow you to check the boxes against any aspect of the site for which you want to receive an e-mail when something is added. Alerts are sent to the e-mail address you enter on this page, so you must keep it up to date if you change it.


To assist you with these brief tutorials you can use our “sandbox" site at which is a web site that works the same as the St Theresa's web site, but is specially set up for training and experimentation. Feel free to do whatever you like on this site to learn how to use the St Theresa's site, you shouldn't be able to break it, and it won't make changes to the proper Parish site.
You will need the following username and password.

Username : guest
Password : guestlogin

All the following tutorials assume that you have logged in already, clicked on the (Members) tab and then clicked on (Admin)

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Published Mon 27th Dec 2004 18:21:50

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