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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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Youth Group

Ouch ouch! (Don't worry it didn't hurt) That was just me getting my wrists slapped for my last article on the Youth Group.

It would appear that I spent too much time moaning about the bad experience we had at the Christmas dance (2003) that I forgot to mention that we did hold another dance after that one that was a GREAT SUCCESS. I apologise to all my friends who help lead the youth group I didn't mean to dwell on the down side.

We did hold another dance at Easter of this year and it was a terrific night for all those who attended. We had great support from the local PCSOs (Police community support officers) based at Killingbeck.
The PCSOs were aware of the trouble we had in the past (Some were there on the night in question) and volunteered their help for the next dance. They came to the parish centre as the night got underway and went away then returned as the night was half way through and then again when the night ended along with the regular police who parked their van in the centre car park. In fact the night went so well we were asked when the next dance would be held? Watch This Space it wonít be too far away.

As I stated in the last article the youth group is open for all kids of the parish who attend years 7 to 11 who wish to come along and enjoy a good Friday night out. If you haven't been before then you don't know what you are missing. Come along and take part in Pool - Snooker - Table Tennis - Badminton - Darts - Table Football and not forgetting the great music which is chosen by the lads and lasses there on the night, plus we have the dance mat that will teach you all the steps you need to learn, unless like me you happen to have two left feet. We have lots of different board games to play with your mates. Ooops I nearly forgot to mention the tuck shop that we have, it sells a good range of sweets and drinks that are all priced to sell quickly.

I hope I have made one or two of you youngsters out there a little bit curious about St Theresa's Youth Group and that you want to come along and see for yourself just what you are missing. We would love to see some new faces on a Friday night at the youth group we are open from 7-30pm until 9-30pm and the admission price is only 50p.
To help encourage new comers if when you come along you bring this article with you then you can have two weeks entry for FREE, now how's that for temptation? Are you tempted yet? Letís see you down at the Parish Centre on a Friday night.

Thanks for reading this and I along with the other leaders look forward to saying Hi to some new faces. PS You can't miss me, I'll be the one with the light reflecting off my head - Honest!

Kevin Gairn (Assistant leader)

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Published Mon 27th Dec 2004 18:21:50

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