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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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Cross Gates Under 5's Playgroup

Just a little bit of information and update about our playgroup. We are based in the Parish centre and we are open Tuesday – Friday, 9:15 – 12 noon and we take children aged 2 years and 4 months upwards.

The children do a wide variety of activities including painting, gluing, model making and we have plenty of toys to keep the children happy. At the moment the children are starting to prepare for Christmas.

Our main aim is to provide a secure, safe and happy environment for the children to play in and to develop their skills at their own pace.

In line with Government policy on child care providers all our staff have had an enhanced Police check, and at the moment we are awaiting our inspection by OFSTED.

We do have a number of vacancies and you are very welcome to call in and see any member of staff about this.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Peaceful New year.

Jenny Crowther – Playgroup Leader and all the Playgroup Staff

Children’s Quiz

  1. Nag is a slang term for what animal?
  2. What type of weapon is a cutlass?
  3. What type of boat is steered by a gondolier?
  4. Which charity organises Red Nose Day?
  5. What sort of creature is a tarantula?
  6. How many five pence’s in a pound?
  7. How many hours are in two days?
  8. What colour is the gem stone ruby?
  9. Which K word is another term for tomato sauce?
  10. Which trade did Jesus learn?

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Published Mon 27th Dec 2004 18:21:50

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