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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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Corpus Christi High School

Orienteering Kings:

A team from Corpus Christi were crowned the country's orienteering champions at the National Panathlon Final at Crystal Palace in London. Participants from the school, who also won the Fair Play Trophy for sporting attitude and behaviour throughout the contest, met Prince Edward who presented the awards and chatted to competitors. It was the first time the school had represented Leeds in the final, which is comprised of nine events and is designed to include youngsters of all abilities. In the capital they were up against Schools from Hackney and Tower Hamlets in London, Bristol and Liverpool in football, netball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess mountain biking, orienteering and athletic competitions.

ICT Investment:

Corpus Christi, officially designated as a specialist Technology College, has spent £120,000 on interactive whiteboards - a hi-tech version of the traditional blackboard that is linked to a computer. A further £30,000 has been invested in the creation of a fifth ICT suite complete with 27 state-of-the-art computers and flat screens.

Exam results improvement:

Meanwhile, pupils returned to record examination results, with thirty pupils achieving high grades in nine or ten subjects and sixty pupils achieving at least five high grades (A*-C) in this year's results. The College's results were 4% up on the stringent Technology College targets. This year, following the introduction of Latin on line, twelve Year 8 pupils have chosen to study it at the end of the formal school day.

African School Appeal:

A fund established by high schools in Leeds to raise money for Issenye Secondary School in Tanzania has got off to a flying start. Head teacher at Corpus Christi Mike Woods - who helped establish the appeal after a working visit to Issenye - said £4000 had already been sent to Issenye to help fund a covered eating area for students. The school's Head teacher, Joseph Nyamgoncho, has written to say that work has started on the foundations following 20 trips to collect sand and 15 trips to collect stone. Mike Woods said: "There has been brilliant support from high schools in Leeds and another £4000 has been pledged on top of the money already raised."

Youth Group

I donít know how many of you out there can remember the Youth Group starting up approx. 4 years ago? But it was set up for the kids of the parish who were attending the confirmation group. The idea was that the kids would have an hour of structured learning and an hour of fun and games with some music thrown in for good measure.

The Youth Group was set up by Fr Phil & Fr Paul, it was to be a small reward to the kids taking part in their confirmation, it was a place where they could go after the confirmation evening and chill out for an hour with friends new and old.

The equipment for the Youth Group was donated by the parish no questions asked, the Parish Committee were happy that kids from St. Theresaís had somewhere to go on a Friday night.

Within the Youth Group there are various games to play such as Snooker, Pool, Table Tennis, Badminton, Table Football plus a good variation of board games. We also have a recently purchased Dance Mat, which is linked to a portable TV via a Play Station console.

The Youth Group had been a great success over the years with membership increasing year on year and with new adult leaders also coming along.

Alas that is now all in the past. The Youth Group held a Christmas Dance in December of 2003 and there were nearly 150 kids there having a terrific night when along came a rowdy group who were intent on causing trouble. The leaders had to call in the police to help break up the trouble and one or two adult leaders got slightly injured. We had to call an end to the dance much to the horror of the kids who were in attendance, parents were called to collect their children and word got round the Parish that there had been trouble at the Youth Group dance, putting the last nail into the coffin.

Whether it is the kidsí parents who are now wary of the Youth Group or the kids themselves Iím not sure, but the membership and attendance on a Friday night has hit an all time low. It is a shame that a few mindless thugs has spoilt what was a terrific Friday night out for many kids of St. Theresaís parish and the surrounding area.

It has been discussed among the adult leaders that if membership does not increase over the next few months then the Youth Group may only open every alternative week as opposed to every week.

We are only getting in 9 kids now on a Friday where we used to get 30-40 sometimes even more. The adult leaders give their time each Friday and we all enjoy seeing the kids having a wonderful time and enjoying the games and music that is on offer in the Youth Group. We have a tuck shop, which is stocked with various sweets and drinks all priced to sell quickly.

It would be fantastic to see more kids on a Friday night, it will make everything that we have all worked for over these past four years well worth it and it will put big smiles on all our faces.

The age for the Youth Group is 12 Ė 16 years and the Youth Group is open most Fridays (closed on school holidays, Christmas and New year) from 7:30pm until 9:30pm and the entry fee is only 50p.

I hope all who read this will pass on the message to someone that there is a very good Youth Group out there just crying out for new members. We all look forward to seeing some new faces in the near future.

Kevin Gairn (Assistant leader)

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Published Sun 19th Dec 2004 17:31:11

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