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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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A reflection on Faith

by John Hopkins
If there is one thing that you and I need to fulfil our mission in life it is faith. The kind of faith that makes us pray and ask God for guidance and then having confidence to go to work and bring the desired results to pass.
Could not any of us say that if we had greater faith we could do better than we are doing now; with the help of God we could meet the challenges of life.
Faith is a gift from God and power that can motivate us and change our lives.
God will guide us and show us the way, the truth and the light. Knowing that God is with us there is nothing that is insurmountable in this world of today.
Faith in God is something that even though at times we are tired and weary gives us the energy to go forward and meet the challenges in life that seem overwhelming.
Have faith when everything seems to be against us, God is there and will see us through.
Sempre Fidelis

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