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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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Parish Meeting - Thursday 30th Sept. 2004 7.30pm

  1. The meeting was attended by 19 parishioners and opened with a prayer.
  2. Apologies ~ from Kevin Gairn, Youth Group. It was good to see some new faces and these people introduced themselves.
  3. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record.
  4. Matters Arising
    1. Church Entrance: ~ Work to the area in front of the church entrance nearly complete. The railings require painting and this will be finished within the next few weeks. Mike Smith is looking at the possibility of changing the doors to open a full 180 degrees.
    2. The school chapel: ~ The heating is now on. This matter will be revisited in the New Year when it will be known if the clearance of the blocked pipes has allowed the chapel to dry out.
    3. Year End Financial Statement: ~ The increased costs of the repairs to parish property during April 2003 / 2004 was due to the replacement of the central heating boiler in the presbytery.
    4. Social Group: ~ The next event is a Family Race Night on the 16th October. We are still looking at having a simple dance in the spring. No games or quiz, possibly a raffle but just dancing. If anyone knows of a band of 3/4 instruments who can play the ordinary dance tunes they are asked to contact any of the social group. Tickets for the now annual New Years Eve dance will be available early December.
    5. S.T.E.W.: ~ It was asked if anything was happening with the group. No report was available
    6. Catholic Newspapers: ~ The papers are being delivered to the presbytery each Friday and any unsold papers are returned. It is too early to say if all the costs are being covered.
    7. Youth Group: ~ A report was sent in due to the leaders attending a District Scout Training meeting. The numbers attending the weekly Youth Group have dropped since the fighting last Christmas and there is no sign of this picking up. If numbers do not increase, the Youth Group may meet every 2 weeks. It was recognized by the group that the toilets have been improved and soap dispensers have been added. It was requested that soap be made available and a toilet roll dispenser in each toilet. An offer of Music equipment was made, and could Peter please make contact with Kevin.
    8. Churches Together Leeds 15: ~ Frank Seaman is making a Crib, which will be in the Cross Gates centre over the Christmas period. This has been agreed and will be there from 1st December to 6th January. Nativity figures (to be obtained from Hayes garden centre) have been donated. The CTL15 Christmas card will have a new design and will not carry a Christmas greeting. If a greeting is included then we will have to pay VAT. The total of the crib & cards for each church will be £175. Details of all services are to be submitted asap. The Advent Service will be held on the 28th November at Christ Church Halton at 6pm. The AGM will be at St Theresa’s on 12th January at 8pm. Quiet day Saturday 15th January at Peace Centre Tadcaster and the Church Unity Service will be at St Wilfred’s Halton on 15th January at 4pm.
    9. New Parishioners: ~ No feedback was sent to the meeting.
    10. Parish Magazine: ~ The new Editor brought a draft copy of the magazine to the meeting. It will be the same format and will be out early October. Most advertisers are continuing for another year.
    11. Web Site: ~ All the alterations have been made to ensure we are compatible to the disability act. Rita enquired at the Library about obtaining some time for the Parish to introduce parishioners to the Parish web site. This will be followed up via the bulletin.
    12. Funding: ~ We were advised to approach the Leeds Hospital Fund Charitable Trust, which we did but were not successful with our application. 3 parishioners are to meet George Mudie at his surgery and enquire who to write to at the council. It is strongly felt, that as the centre is used by the local community, funding ought to be available.

  5. A.O.B.
    1. Property maintenance: ~ The centre’s boiler has been condemned following the recent flood and is to be replaced at a cost of £1,200. Funds are to be put aside to have the windows of the centre repaired and then painted. The Jubilee provided funds to improve the overall look of the premises. During the week the church was broken into but due to the alarm not much damage was done.
    2. Child Protection Officer: ~ The Parish Officer attended the meeting to introduce herself; her name is Margaret Ryan. This is a new position within the parish. Margaret’s job is voluntary and her responsibility is to ensure that ALL adults who are in contact with children are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) this is to protect the adult and the child. She will start with groups who work with children and then go on to Eucharistic Ministers and SVP members as these people could come into contact with a child when visiting homes in the Parish. Margaret gave a very detailed explanation about the CRB and how everyone is affected. Margaret is looking for assistance and anyone who is interested is asked to contact her on 264 0501.
    3. Retirement Group: ~ When outsiders hire the hall they asked who was responsible for cleaning up? The tables had not been cleaned and stacked safely. A notice of how to stack the tables is to be put in the store room. A deposit will be taken in future and if the hall is not clean this will not be returned.
    4. Loop System: ~ A Parishioner asked if the Loop system at St Johns could be checked as the lights are interfering with the loop for the hard of hearing. Fr Phil to arrange.
    5. Disability Facility: ~ A new law comes into effect on the 1st October. We are to look into the toilet facilities in church.
    6. Trees: ~ The trees down the drive of the church are getting very heavy and it was recommended that these be pruned. A professional is to be contacted.
    7. Church Grounds: ~ It was asked if we could have someone to keep the grounds tidy. We were advised we did have a gentleman. He has been successful in getting a permanent job and is cleaning the grounds between his shifts when weather permitting.

The meeting ended at 9.30 with a prayer.

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