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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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I Am Autism

by the mother of an autistic boy:

I am autism. I am grossly misunderstood. People write appalling things about me, and wonder why their children hate who they are. People look at me as a ravening wolf, entrapping their child. I am not entrapping your child... I AM your child.

I am autism. I am not a 'problem' or a 'disorder', I am just 'other'. I bring a different way of being, a culture and riches as varied and as beautiful as your own. You can bravely step forward and embrace me. Or you can turn your face to the wall. If you turn away, I will have come in vain, but I cannot turn back.

I am autism. I invite you to question how you treat others, because I am a mirror to your soul. As you respond to others, even those you disagree with, so will I be treated. If you cannot tolerate difference, why should others tolerate me?

I am autism... can you handle me?

I am autism, the evidence of the divine on earth. I give you the opportunity to effect change, to question the shallowness and materialism you wallow in. I connect you to what is fundamental. I inspire your creativity at every level. You will never do anything so profound as teaching and responding to me. You needed me, just as surely as I need you now.

I am autism. I may frustrate you, anger you, and provoke scorching tears from you. I will bend you to the ground in your grief. But I will also inspire and amaze you. You will never take precious moments for granted. I am never boring.

I am autism. I am not your enemy. I am your friend. My world is beautiful. I invite you to take my hand and see for yourself.


Silver Cuckoo is an online community for the families of children who have special needs to come together, share problems and celebrate their achievements.

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