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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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The Credit Union

St. Gregory's Credit Union is now a successful part of life at St. Theresa's. Over the past year our two faithful helpers, Val and Dorothy, have worked diligently every Sunday, collecting funds, dealing with forms and queries and encouraging new members. They and we need help.

We are looking for a retired FINANCIAL ACCOUNT, or EX AUDITOR, or A FINANCIALY AWARE PERSON to help us with our quarterly and annual returns.

We have a computer-based system with full back up from the software producers which is easy to understand and control. But as we have responsibilities for around half a million pounds of shareholders funds, we need some expert person to help us.

The duties would entail helping to reconcile bank balances and financial details for submission of the quarterly return to the Financial Services Authority. The return is produced by the computer but is reliant on information input.

It would involve a few hours work before the end of each quarter to ensure that the return was produced on time to meet the FSA deadline.

We cannot offer any financial award yet but reasonable expenses would be met and you would certainly be sure of our thanks and a warm welcome!

We are also looking for collectors to cover the Saturday and Sunday evening Masses. The membership of the Credit Union at St. Theresa's is growing and by helping us you can make it grow even stronger.

If you can help, contact PETER Mc MANUS Through the presbytary.

Thank you

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Published Sun 19th Dec 2004 17:31:11

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