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Parish Magazine - Sept. Oct. 2004

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"From Rome and the World"

(extracts courtesy of the Catholic Times)
compiled by R.T.S.


Legal guarantees "cannot be applied to unions between persons of the same sex without creating a false understanding of the nature of marriage", said the Pope in a speech to the new Canadian Ambassador to the Holy See, Donald Smith. "The institution of marriage necessarily entails the complementarity of husbands and wives who participate in God's creative activity through the raising of children", he said. In recent months, the Pope has urged authorities to stop approving gay marriages, saying they degraded the true sense of marriage between a man and a woman.


A Catholic man from India who was jailed in Saudi Arabia after his arrest earlier this year for preaching his faith may soon be released. The Fides news agency reported that Brian Savio O'Connor was arrested earlier this year while working in Saudi Arabia, charged with preaching the Christian faith, which is an offense against Saudi law. O'Connor has reportedly been beaten and tortured, and told that he must renounce his faith to save his life. The human-rights group Middle East Concern now reports, however, that O'Connor has been told by a representative of the governor of Riyadh that he will soon be released from prison and sent back to India. Last month, two representatives of India's embassy in Saudi Arabia visited O'Connor in jail, and reported that he was in good physical and emotional condition.


In a pastoral letter the Catholic bishops of Zambia expressed their concern for the country's school system due to the spread of AIDS. The three-page document was presented to the press, the Ministry of Education and competent national authorities. "The sickness is responsible for the growing absenteeism in the country's school classrooms and the decrease in the number of teachers; it also affects the quality of teaching directly," the bishops warned. "The epidemic is, therefore, one of the main challenges that our country and its educational system must address." The text also highlights the lack of financial resources and appeals to the Zambian government to "give real priority to education at all levels". The latest United Nations AIDS Programme estimate is that 19 percent of the adult population of the African country is HIV positive.

Ad Hoc Cookery Column

Ad Hoc cookery is a fairly forgiving way to cook, the recipes are more like suggestions, feel free to alter them to your taste. This recipe takes a little over 30 minutes from start to finish.

Lemon Peppered Chicken

Chopped Chicken (we use about 1lb for two persons)
1 Lemon
Freshly ground Black Pepper
Green Pesto Sauce
1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes
Italian Seasoning
Olive Oil
Pasta (We use fusilla)

Zest the lemon then squeeze the juice, add both to your chicken and add pepper to taste. Add one teaspoonful of Pesto and mix well.

Add the chicken to a hot wok oiled with a dash of olive oil, stir until the chicken is sealed then add the tomatoes and Italian seasoning, turn to a low heat and replace the lid. It should be left to simmer about 15 to 20 minutes so time your pasta appropriately depending on its cooking time.

Bring your pan full of water (With a dash of olive oil and a little salt to help stop it sticking) to the boil and add the pasta, five minutes before the pasta should be ready go back to your wok.

Removing the lid, turn the heat up full and stir enough to stop it sticking, you are aiming to render down the sauce to quite a thick consistency, this usually takes me about five minutes. When pasta and chicken are ready serve.

We use a whole lemon with quite a lot of chicken; even so this recipe does taste VERY lemony, so for a more subtle flavour use maybe only half a lemon. Very good with a nice white wine, and a refreshing dish even on those rare hot summer days.

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