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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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The year of the Eucharist

The ending of the Eucharistic Congress in Mexico marked the beginning of the Year of the Eucharist. The Holy Father, in his Apostolic Letter 'Mane Nobiscum Domine' published on 7th October 2004 encourages us to look again at this precious gift and the importance we place on it in our spiritual lives.

We are all familiar with the Eucharist as the great act of thanksgiving which is celebrated every day in our churches but, there is also a need, for all of us, to look again at the importance of Christ's presence in the Blessed Sacrament, reserved in the Tabernacle, after Mass has been celebrated.

Here at St.Theresa's Church we have a wonderful opportunity to do this as the Church is open each day from Monday to Friday 9.45am - 7.00pm. This a great privilege which allows each of us to pay a visit and spend some time pouring out our hearts to Christ present in the monstrance on the Altar. It can help us to make alive our faith in His Real Presence and allow Him to draw us closer to the mystery of the Eucharist which is at the very heart of our Faith.

In the daily rush of life there are few opportunities for us to find a peaceful setting and a chance to be alone with Christ. When we make the time it is important for us to ask ourselves what has Christ to say to me and not always what have I to say to Christ.

Starting now make this coming year special. Did He not say 'Come inside and rest awhile'? Tell the children about this too. It is important that we all see Him among us.

Fr Phil

Published Mon 27th Dec 2004 18:21:50

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