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Parish Magazine - Nov/Dec 2004

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Parish Meeting Minutes - 25th November 2004

  1. The meeting opened with a prayer and was attended by 16 Parishioners.
  2. Apologies were received from Richard Strudwick and Patrick McGreevy.
  3. The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record.
  4. Matters Arising:
    1. Church Entrance: Mike Smith is still waiting for further information regarding details of what is available to replace the existing front doors. The present doors have come to their sell by date and are no longer fully secure.
      It was asked if the inner doors to the church could be unlocked before services. The opening is very high. Mike to arrange for a pole to open the doors.
      Also the doors to the quite room should have “push & pull" signs fixed.
    2. Church Cleaning: The church is in need of a good clean before Christmas. 11th December 2-4pm. Has been agreed.
      A lot of wax is on the carpet around the statues. People are asked to take care when removing old candle holders while they are still warm.
    3. School Chapel: We are to obtain a quote in the New Year to have the chapel re decorated.
    4. Social Group: Next Parish event is the New Year Family Party. No facilities for children’s entertainment will be provided. We hope to lock all the doors in the lower part of the centre and just have access to the toilets.
      We are looking at a number of events for 2005. A Spring Dance, (we are still looking for a band). Notices have been put up at the College of Music. A Mid-Summer Ball. A Russian Choir concert. The choir concert will be on the 1st March. All proceeds for this event will be given to the choir for them to renovate their monastery in Russia.
      With the proceeds which have been raised from the events this year we are looking to continue the work started during the Jubilee year and have the remaining railings added to the wall along the Parish Centre. Revised costing is awaited.
    5. S.T.E.W. A Drop In meeting is to be arranged for the 3rd Friday in January.
    6. Youth Group: No members present at the meeting.
    7. Catholic Newspapers: A stand has been provided for the Universe. Comment was made about the clutter and untidiness of the church porch in general. Someone is to look at this.
    8. Churches Together: Thanks are to be extended to Richard Strudwick for his hard work in organising the Crib which has been erected in the Arndale centre. A few more final touches are to be made this week but it has received a great response from those visiting the centre. Thanks are also extended to Frank Seaman for making the Crib.
    9. Parish Magazine: The next issue, due 12th December, will be a bumper edition. We have received a large number of appeal articles requesting money for various charities. These are not to be put in the magazine in future without first referring to Fr Phil. It was also discussed about increasing the cost from 20p. It was agreed to leave the price the same.
    10. Web site: The library is still willing to allow us some time to use the computers for parishioners to familiarise themselves with the Parish web site.
    11. Child Protection Officer: Fr Phil & Margaret Ryan have attended a training course. Margaret now intends to invite all those involved in working with children in the parish and anyone interested to a meeting to discuss what the Child Protection Policy mean to us and how we are to go about dealing with it in the Parish. A fair amount of training and paper work will be involved and this must be completed by the end of 2005. This is a legal requirement for everyone working with children not just in our Parish.
    12. Funding: A meeting with George Mudie and 3 parishioners took place regarding obtaining funds to help to continue the work of improving the facilities in the Parish Centre. The centre is used by the local community not just the Parish. A further meeting has to be arranged with Michael Davey & Graham Hyde our local councillors. Michael England requested that a member of the Parish Centre committee also attend the next meeting. It is expected that obtaining funds will take a long time, as many forms will needs to be completed. Also before funds can be accepted the Diocese must be advised, as they own the centre.
      On another matter, Michael Davey has been in contact regarding the land adjacent to the centre. The developer who has taken over the site of the old petrol station has shown interest in this land as a secure car park for the flats due to be built. The council is looking into the church’s request for this land nil of charge for additional car parking. It is hoped that a joint agreement between the developer and the church can be achieved with underground parking for the proposed flats and ground level parking for the centre. This matter is still ongoing.
    13. Retirement Club: The stacking of the tables still causes concern. A notice on how to stack them should be put on the cupboard doors. It was said that all equipment within the Centre is there for everyone’s use. The cupboard where the tables are stored has some items which look to be not used. These are to be thrown away if not required.
      Trees: The trees down the parish drive have been trimmed and checked. We have a certificate to confirm they are in good and healthy condition.
    14. Loop System: The gentleman who installed the system in St Johns is to be asked to have a look to see why the lights are causing interference.
    15. Parish Centre: A meeting was held this week to discuss the work required to be undertaken over the coming months. This involves, redecorating and repairing the window frames, making safe the skylight in the social group store cupboard, changing the old staff toilet to a disabled toilet. New water boilers in the kitchens to replace the urn’s. Change the guide storeroom and make way to the back room via the entrance area. Fr Phil has promised some parish funds to assist towards this work.
      The Centre committee has been approached regarding a bi-weekly letting on a Saturday night. They have been advised that if the Parish require the hall then notice will be given.
      Lourdes Fund: So far £1,600 has been raised. Tickets to be in by 30th November. We have 40 prizes. Names are requested for nominees for next year’s pilgrimage.

  5. A.O.B.
    1. Fr Phil has received a copy of a letter, which George Mudie has received about the land at Killingbeck. Planning permission is expected at the November meeting of Leeds Planning Cttee regarding the proposed building of houses on the old Killingbeck hospital site. When this has been agreed the land will then be made available to the church to extend the cemetery at nil cost to the church.
    2. Parish Covenants 2004/5: 3 charities have been suggested for consideration when we discuss this matter in the New Year. They are Redeemer Children’s Home, Uganda run by the sacred Heart Sisters, St Mary’s maternity hospital, Khartoum, Sudan run by the Comboni Sister and The Sister hospital, Ammam, Jordan run by the Comboni Sister.

The meeting closed with a prayer.
Date of next meeting – 27th January 2005 at 7.30pm

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