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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 18:21-35

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Matthew 18:21-35

Jesus surprised Peter by telling him he needed to forgive seventy-seven times. Perhaps you have known the value of this when something reminds you of a past hurt and you find you need in your heart to forgive again the person who hurt you. What was this like for you? How has a capacity to have a forgiving heart helped you?

Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves for things we regret about past behaviour. What happens to you when you cannot do this? How has your ability to forgive yourself for past mistakes influenced your attitude towards yourself now?

Pope Francis chose as his motto ‘miserando atque eligendo' (seen with compassion and chosen) to express his belief that Jesus viewed his past mistakes with compassion, and called him, nonetheless. At this moment can you see Jesus calling you, no matter what your past has been like?

Are there people whose ability to forgive has inspired you? Recall them and the forgiveness they showed and give thanks for their example.

Published Sat 16th Sep 2023 09:47:18
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