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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 15:21-28

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Matthew 15:21-28

Having met with rejection from the Pharisees Jesus goes to Gentile territory and encounters unexpected faith in the Canaanite woman. His mission had previously been to his own people. This adds new dimension to his mission. Have you had occasions when a chance encounter set your life off in a new direction?

The initial reaction of Jesus to the woman was one of rejection but her persistence won a response from him. When have you found that persistence was needed to gain what you sought? What did that experience teach you?

In our days of widespread migration welcoming the strange can be a challenge. We are more comfortable with our own. What difference has it made, to you and to others, when you were able to offer a friendly welcoming face to a stranger?

Who are the "Canaanite women" who call out for attention today - people in Church or State whose needs are not being attended to?

Published Sat 19th Aug 2023 09:20:44
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