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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 17:1-9

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Matthew 17:1-9

The transfiguration experience was one which, for Jesus, clarified his relationship with his Father and strengthened him for the future. It was also a moment of deep revelation for the disciples. What have been the experiences, the moments of insight, which for you have clarified your sense of who you are, and what is your relationship with God?

The disciples were prepared for the experience by getting in invitation from Jesus to come apart, to withdraw to the mountain. Have there been times when going apart has been an important element in preparing you for a deep experience?

On the mountain the disciples saw Jesus in a new way. His appearance changed. Sometimes is friendship there are moments of sharing in which we get to know a friend in a new and deeper way. Have you had that experience in human friendship, or in your relationship with Jesus and God. Recall when that happened, and what it was like for you.

The clear vision of Jesus with Moses and Elijah was followed by a frightening experience of being in a cloud and it was in the midst of the cloud that the disciples were instructed "This is my Son, my Chosen: listen to him". Have you had that experience of learning the truth about life and about your relationship with God from moments of confusion as well as from times of special joy?

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