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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels Matthew 13:1-33

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Matthew 13:1-33

Jesus uses parables to make people think about their own responses to his message. As you read this parable you may recognize that at different times you have been like each of the different types of soil. As you recall times when you presented fertile soil for the word of God, what helped you create that receptive atmosphere? What lessons for life do you get from that?

The parable is also an invitation to us to ask ourselves why it is that there are times when we are unreceptive to a truth presented to us either in the word of God, or in the words of another. Perhaps you can recall occasions when it was only long after a conversation that you were able to acknowledge what has been an unwelcome truth. What did you learn from this?

Parents with children, teachers with pupils, speakers with listeners, are all like sowers in a field where the preparation of the soil is up to another - the child, pupil, or listener. They can sow the seed but cannot guarantee that it will bear fruit. At times there may be a temptation not to try any more. The challenge is to sow in hope. When have you been surprised by the harvest you have reaped?

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