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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 9:36-10:8

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Matthew 9:36-10:8

Jesus allowed himself to be touched by the needs of the crowd. When you are with people, what difference does it make to the way you relate to them when you have empathy with them?

The commission Jesus gave the twelve ‘to cure all kinds of diseases and sickness' is a reminder to us that we all have the capacity to be an influence for good in the lives of others. In this we continue the mission of Jesus (cf. St Teresa's Prayer). When have you experienced yourself as having a healing or life-giving influence on another person? Who has had that influence on you?

At a first glance it might seem that Jesus made some bad choices in his twelve apostles. One will deny Jesus, another will betray him and others are only interested in who will be first. All of them will run away in the end. This reminds us that all kinds can share in the mission of Jesus, no matter how we see ourselves.

The instructions Jesus gave the disciples before he sent them out have a note of urgency about them. What difference does it make for you when you approach a task with a sense of urgency?

He also tells them their service should be ‘without charge', keeping in mind what they have received without charge from God. Remember when you have received generous and undemanding love from another.

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