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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 10:1-10

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John 10:1-10

In the Middle East, it was the task of the shepherd to find water and pasture and to ensure safety. In your life who have been the people who nourished you and gave you security? For whom have you done this?

Important to the shepherd's ability to give security to the sheep is the fact that he was known and familiar to them. They recognised his voice. Does this resonate in any way with your experience?

We are familiar with the image of Jesus as the shepherd. The image of Jesus as the door (or gate) is not so familiar but is one that merits attention. Jesus presents himself as the door through which we pass and find life. What are the doors through which you have passed and found life: a situation, a place, a book, an experience, a person? For whom have you been a door to a richer life?

Published Sun 30th Apr 2023 08:27:35
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