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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 21:5-19

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Luke 21:5-19

Luke presents Jesus as a prophet, capable of reading the signs of the times, and one who offered wise and insightful advice on how to cope with difficult times, Who are the people you see who act like this in the troubled times we live in today? Maybe you yourself have been a calming influence in the face of turmoil within your family, parish, church, workplace, or elsewhere. Can you claim that gift and give thanks for being such a person?

Jesus alerts his listeners to the transitory nature of human grandeur and splendour. How have you been reminded of this truth? What lessons has this given you about life?

In any walk of life troubles will come. Jesus encourages his listeners to stand firm in such circumstances, telling them "your endurance will win you your lives". When you are in the midst of inner turmoil and/or outer trouble or opposition, what have you found gives you the strength and ability to endure?

Published Sat 12th Nov 2022 00:04:52
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