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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 15:1-32

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Luke 15:1-32

There are three figures in this parable. The father is a symbol of an unconditional love. Perhaps you can recall someone showing love to you in a way that showed great forgiveness and acceptance. Have there been times when you have also loved in this way, where the important thing was not the hurt you had experienced, but the fact that the wayward person had found a way to a healthier life?

You may be able to identify with the younger son at different stages of his journey. Be sure to follow it to the point where it becomes a good news story for you - when you ‘came to yourself'.

Where and when have you experienced a homecoming after a time of exile and alienation.

People often find it easy to identify with the older son, feeling that the father went overboard in the reception home for the wayward son. In contrast to his father he was very judgemental and resentful towards his younger brother. Perhaps you have experienced these attitudes in others towards you, or in yourself towards others. What were those experiences like for you? What did they teach you?

Published Sat 10th Sep 2022 09:07:59
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