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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 10:38-42

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Luke 10:38-42

The two sisters symbolize the contemplative and active dimensions of life, at times difficult to balance. What wisdom have you learned through life experiences on how to strike a balance between prayer and action?

Many people misunderstand hospitality. They worry and fret about decorating the house and preparing abundant food. Yet sometimes it is something else that is needed to make people feel at home, namely, to sit with guests and to listen to them speaking. What has been your experience of being a cherished guest and when have you been able to make others feel welcome and at home?
We can make the same mistake in relation to people who are important to us in life: children, friends, parents, or others. We can worry and fret about doing things for them when perhaps the important thing is to give them time and to listen to them. What does your experience tell you?

When it comes to welcoming God into our lives, one appropriate response is to give time listening to God's word. When have you found time devoted to the word of God enriching for you?

Published Sun 17th Jul 2022 16:22:40
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