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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 9:51-62

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Luke 9:51-62

In the opening verse Jesus is portrayed as having a new sense of clarity about his life that enables him to set out on the road ‘resolutely'. Perhaps there have been such moments in your life, moments of insight and clarity about the road ahead. Recall such moments and what they were like
for you.

As he walked the road Jesus met with opposition. This angered some of his friends and they wanted to hit back. Jesus restrained them, and would not let himself be distracted from the journey he was making. What helps you keep your goals in mind when minor annoyances distract you?

The response of Jesus to prospective followers seems harsh. He lets the first man know that discipleship is not a path to a comfortable nest. It is a way in which we never know what is going to be asked of us next. The disciple must be ready to move on. Where have you found good news in being open to change, confident in the presence of Jesus with you?

Jesus also demands commitment. It is easy for us to think about times when our commitment was less than perfect. But can you also recall the times when you realised the truth of this story - that commitment brings its own fruits and blessings. What specific blessings can you bring to mind?

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