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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 13:31-35

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John 13:31-35

Judas leaves and Jesus announces that the moment has come for God's power to be made manifest. This is unexpected at a moment of imminent betrayal. Have there been times for you when the power of God was made manifest in strange circumstances?

‘I shall not be with you much longer.' Jesus announces a parting of the ways. There are places we have to go in life where others cannot come with us. There are places others have to go and we cannot accompany them. When have you experienced this going on alone as necessary for a fuller life for yourself, or for someone else?

Jesus proclaims love as the distinguishing characteristic of his followers. Have there been times when reaching out to others has heightened your sense of walking in the footsteps of Jesus?

Who are the individuals or communities whose love for one another and for others has been a witness to you? Perhaps you have seen examples of this during the Covid pandemic, or in the response to the plight of refugees from Ukraine or from other countries in crisis.

Published Mon 16th May 2022 08:46:58
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