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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 20: 1-9

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John 20: 1-9

You might identify with the women through the events of that morning. They came search and found an empty tomb. Then they were told they were looking in the wrong place: ‘why look for the living among the dead'. Finally they had to cope with the staggering good news that Jesus was alive when they thought he was dead. Let their story remind you of your journey when you found life again where you thought there was none - perhaps you may have felt like that during the recent long Covid lockdown.

The women were the first witnesses to the resurrection. Remember the women in your life who have brought you good news, and the women who have been witnesses to you bringing you to faith in yourself, in others, or in God.

The women did not keep their discovery to themselves but hastened to share the good news with the apostles. Have there been times when your heart has been full of good news that you were eager to share with others.

Published Fri 15th Apr 2022 00:23:27
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