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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 15:11-32

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Luke 15:11-32

1. Like many a parable, this story makes its point in a way that seems to be unfair: the spendthrift son is rewarded and the elder son is left hurt and angry. People often empathise with him. Neither son understood the nature of love. The younger son did not recognise what a treasure he had at home and walked out on it. Then he ‘came to himself' and returned home. Where and when have you experienced a homecoming by becoming aware of love you had previously not recognised? What helped you to come to yourself and make that journey home?

2. The older son resented the party given to the younger son after his wandering and dissolute life - forgetting that all the father had was his. He is a symbol of us when we set ourselves up to decide when and how others should show their love, affection and gratitude. Such expectations fail to respect the freedom of others and make us vulnerable to the pain of unmet expectations. These can be fertile ground for hurt and resentment. What helps you to respect the freedom of others, and to recognise their love even if it is not expressed just as you would like?

3. Love is a free gift, not something we earn by our goodness. Recall the wonder of experiencing love when you did not expect it. You may even have thought you were not worthy of it. When has the experience of human love, freely given, prompted you to reflect on God's love for you?

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