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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 12: 38-44

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Mark 12: 38-44

  1. The Scribes are presented as ostentatious and devious, acting more out of self-interest than the love of God or people. There can be an element of self-interest in each of us. Perhaps there have been times when you have been disturbed by glimpsing in yourself "other motives" in your doing good. Recall when you were awakened to this fact. Where was the good news for you in that awakening?

  2. In material terms what the widow had to offer was very little. Recall when you felt yourself called to give and gave even though you apparently had very little. Perhaps you have had the experience of finding that what you thought was little and insignificant meant a great deal to another person. Recall some of those moments.

  3. At this critical moment for the church Pope Francis has called a synod and has invited all believers to make a contribution. It's easy for us to see this as a call to professional church people, clergy and religious. They have always taken care of this kind of thing. Now the call is that the voice of the little ones can also he heard. How can you help this to happen in your church community?

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