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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 10: 35-45

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Mark 10: 35-45
The Beatitudes: a window into the mind and heart of God!
The kingdom of God as explained by Jesus turns our ordinary way of looking at things on its head.
Perhaps that is what is meant by conversion - the ability to look at life in an entirely new way, from a completely new perspective.
I ask Jesus to open my heart to is new way of seeing things. Do I feel any resistance to this? I notice it and ask Jesus to help me let it go.
What a challenging teaching this is from Jesus. St Ignatius in his teaching invites us to contemplate such scenes in our prayer. As I sit on the grass and look aroundd the crowd I see people who, by their clothing, the expression in their faces, shows that like is not easy. Jesus uses the word "blessed". How do I feel about what it is being said? Does it ring true for me? I look at Jesus. He knows about poverty, manual work, discrimination. At the same time, he transmits a total sense of peace. Blessedness is in fact that God is near. God can use those who in the eyes of the world seem to have little value.
I think of my own life and challenges today. What would be my own beatitude? I ask Jesus to help me to remember what it means to be truly blessed.

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