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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 9:30-37

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Mark 9:30-37
1. Jesus uses the time they are travelling along the road to teach his disciples what it means to follow him. Think of the wisdom you have acquired about life, about faith, about what it means to be a Christian. Who have been your teachers? Remember them and give thanks for them.

2. One of the lessons Jesus gives them is that there is a dying to be endured as we move to a fuller life. That was the road he would travel. It is also our journey, not only at the end of this earthly life, but also in small ways through life. When have you found that by dying in some way you came to a fuller life?

3. The sacrifices made by front line health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic were an inspiration to many. They put themselves at risk to care for the sick, and some of them died. Are there other people who have inspired you by their service of others.

4. Achievement, affirmation, recognition, and status are attractive and enjoyable when they come our way. Yet we can be in trouble if, like the disciples, we become caught up in pursuit of them. Jesus tells them that true greatness lies in service of others. Who are the people whose support and assistance help you now? What has helped you to appreciate the value of loving service of others?

Published Sat 18th Sep 2021 09:39:20
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