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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 7:31-37

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Mark 7:31-37

1. The healing of the deaf mute provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the importance of communication in our lives. The healing touch of Jesus brought the man from isolation into community. Who have been the people who touched you when you felt isolated and alone (perhaps during the recent lockdown) and helped you to come out of painful aloneness? For whom have you done this?

2. Deafness is symbolic of being unable to hear what is being said to us. What a difference when our ears are opened! Perhaps you can recall a time when your ears were opened and you heard in a new way that you were loved - by God or by another person.

3. Words are not the only form of communication. Actions can speak louder than words.
Recall times when this was brought home to you.

4. Being able to say what is in you is the other side of communication. Perhaps there have been occasions when you have struggled to find words to express what is deepest in you - your faith, your values, your love. Then something changed and you found the words. What was it like to be able to express your deepest self?

Published Fri 3rd Sep 2021 21:13:55
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