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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Luke 1:39-56

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Luke 1:39-56

1. The story of the Visitation is a story of two pregnant women reaching out to one another. For those of you who are mothers, perhaps you have been in that situation. What blessings do you recall in such encounters?

2. The story and the song of Mary are both celebrating the work of God in her life. When have you been particularly grateful for what was happening in your life? How did you express and celebrate your thanks?

3. Mary is praised for believing that God's promise to her would be fulfilled. How has your trust in God's promise to be with you helped you in your life?

4. Read the Magnificat a few times slowly and let your attention stay with whatever words or phrase you are drawn to. Place yourself in the position of the one saying the prayer. Let it be your prayer of thanksgiving for your own life.

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