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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 6:41-51

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John 6:41-51

1. Faith is reasonable but we cannot reason our way into faith. We have to be ‘drawn by the Father'. We must be ‘taught by God'. What opens your mind and heart to God's message?

2. When we label others disparagingly, we close our minds to what they are saying. The Jews did this to Jesus. Have you ever had the experience of being surprised by the wisdom of another when you laid aside your prejudices about her/him to listen to what s/he was saying?

3. ‘No one has ever seen the Father except the one who is from God'. As Jesus put a human face on God and God's love, so God's love today is mediated to us through one another. How have other people been sacraments of God's love for you? For whom have you been that kind of a sacrament?

4. The way in which Jesus became a source of life for us was by giving himself. It is when we truly give ourselves that we can be life-giving to one another. If we do not give of ourselves, what do we have to offer? How have you discovered the importance of self-giving, in yourself or in others?

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