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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 6:30-34

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Mark 6:30-34

1. The apostles reported to Jesus all that they had done and taught. Perhaps you have had the experience of being able to check in with somebody and share an experience. What was that like for you?

2. Jesus saw that the apostles needed to rest and eat. What has been your experience of finding a restful place after a busy day? What kind of nourishment have you found necessary in order to maintain energy and enthusiasm? Did your experience during the Covid19 pandemic give you any new insights about this?

3. When Jesus saw the crowd, he recognised their need and reached out to them. Who has been a Jesus person for you, someone who recognised your need and reached out to you?
For whom have you been a Jesus person in that way?

4. It sometimes can be difficult to strike a balance between responding to the needs of others and meeting our need for rest and nourishment. What has helped you to keep the balance right?

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