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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 14:23

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John 14:23
A commandment of love is something of a contradiction in terms. Love is a free choice. That is what gives the thrill to the experience of being loved. Recall times when you received gestures of love from another - a spontaneous embrace from a husband or wife - a wave from a friend - word of comfort and affirmation - not because the other person felt obliged to reach out to you but because they wanted to let you know that you were loved. What effect did that have on you? Did it bring you joy? Perhaps you have had a glimpse of the truth of what Jesus said, that it is in loving that our joy is complete.

Often love and friendship make demands on us. Parents give freely of their children but sometimes it requires a lot of effort. Also, in responding to you the needs of friends or spouses we can be challenged to ‘lives' at least for a time. Can you recall a time when putting yourself out for others bore fruit for them and for you? ‘I chose you'. Have you had the experience of being ‘chosen' by someone? What was it like for you to be chosen? What is it like for you to consider yourself as one chosen by Jesus? That is what we are - chosen by Jesus to bear fruit through our love.

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