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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - John 2:13-25

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John 2:13-25
1. In the Old Testament the privileged place of God's presence was the Temple in Jerusalem. In the New Covenant, this was replaced by the person of Jesus. This is the symbolism of the action of Jesus in the Temple. Recall how Jesus has helped your relationship with God and give thanks for this.

2. But we are the Body of Christ. When have you been particularly aware of the sacredness of people (yourself or others).

3. There are many ways in which people, the temples of God, are being profaned today. Where are you aware of the sacredness of the human person being violated? Who are the people seeking to cleanse the temple, by promoting respect for the dignity of every human person? Perhaps in ways you have done this.

4. We may also think of institutions as in some way temples of God's presence. In this time when aspects of our institutions are crumbling we can perhaps identify with the Jews who were horrified at the suggestion that the Temple would be destroyed. What is it like for you living in a time when some of the things you have taken for granted are collapsing?
Where do you find hope in such circumstances?

Published Sat 6th Mar 2021 12:19:16
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