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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Mark 1: 1 - 18

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Mark 1: 1 - 18
1. John the Baptist is presented as a messenger to prepare the way for Jesus. Who have been messengers to you, preparing the way for the Lord by alerting you to ways in which you could improve your life? To whom have you been such a messenger?

2. In recent days there are many and conflicting voices advising us on how best to deal with the threat of the Covid 19 pandemic. What messengers have helped you to find a way of combining due care with living a full life?

3. John calls the people to repentance (a change of heart), as a way to a new life. Can you recall times when you had a change of heart, and the change led to new life for you?

4. John baptised people with water as a gesture to mark their change of heart. Sometimes we perform an action to symbolise our change of heart - write a letter, throw away our last cigarettes, etc. Can you remember a symbolic gesture with which you marked a change of heart?

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