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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 25: 14 - 30

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Matthew 25: 14 - 30

1. A gift given in love, is given to be enjoyed, treasured, and used. Through fear, one servant failed to recognise the loving trust being shown to him and buried the talent. When have you found that overcoming fear helped you to make the most of opportunities in life?

2. On the level of our own personal life, faith is not given to us to be locked away, but to be "traded" with. We trade with it when we believe in its value, trust it, and use it, bringing it into the experiences we have in daily life. Can you recall times when relying on your faith has brought you rewards?

3. Likewise with our own personal gifts and talents. We can fall into the trap of seeing these as our personal possession so that we can do with them as we like, rather than share them as gifts so that they can be multiplied.
What is your experience of hoarding or sharing your own gifts? When did you feel most alive?

4. Pope Francis in his letter The Joy of the Gospel wrote, ‘I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities. ... The important thing is to not walk alone, but to rely on each other as brothers and sisters.' EG (33) How is your parish responding to this call?

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