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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 16: 13- 19

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Matthew 16: 13- 19
Some thoughts on today's scripture
  • Did Jesus choose Peter for his strengths or for his weaknesses? Can I apply this question to myself?
  • The Church is the assembly of the people of God. Talk to God about your relationship with the Church.
  • Suppose that Jesus suddenly put his question to me in my prayer today, what would I answer?
  • Let me be honest with him, no matter if I feel ashamed of what I come up with. Jesus reads my heart long before I speak. Perhaps he then invites me to chat with Peter, who got the formula right in this scene, but in yesterday's gospel tries to argue Jesus out of his passion, making Jesus so angry as to call him ‘Satan'. Peter also in a little while will deny that he even knows Jesus!
  • But, Lord, let me see that Peter's weakness is the making of him: he finally learns not to trust in himself but in you alone. After the resurrection when you question him again, he is honest in saying, ‘You know I love you'. And that is enough. Let him teach me to learn your forgiving love through my weaknesses, and let me love you ever more deeply.

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