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St Matthew’s Gospel Unlocked

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Dear parishioners & friends,

This week, instead of my usual 3-minute "stay safe" homily, I want to share with you a project freshly produced by me and the Diocese Year of the Word team.

It's called St Matthew's Gospel Unlocked using voices from the Diocese of Leeds. Basically it's a recording of the entire text of St Matthew, the Gospel for our current liturgical Year A. It uses readers of all ages and backgrounds belonging to parishes, schools and institutions throughout the Diocese of Leeds. A good number have been drawn from our own parish - see if you can spot them! You may be able to distinguish between Leeds, Bradford and even Huddersfield accents, as well as international ones too.

The recording is split into 11 podcasts, each lasting between 10-20 minutes. A challenge: why not aim to listen to one each day? It will certainly give you a good spiritual work-out, and it's fun too.

Here is the link to the podcasts:

With every blessing,


Published Sat 13th Jun 2020 13:39:17
Last Modified on Sat 13th Jun 2020 13:39:17

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