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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 26: 14-27

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Matthew 26: 14-27

The account of the Passion is a vivid story with a variety of characters and much action. To enter into the passage we can read the story slowly and see if we can identify with different characters. Also, any one scene can provide us with much food for reflection and prayer. Keep in mind that one of the aims in reflecting on the passage is to discover the good news the story has for us. Here are some pointers for prayer.

1. Jesus is revealed as Messiah and Son of God, not with a display of human power, but as one who was prepared to suffer unto death to show us how our God loves us. How does the Passion story speak to you as a revelation of how God loves you? When has the willingness of another person to go to great lengths on your behalf been and eye-opener regarding their love for you?

2. Jesus gives us an example of patient endurance and faithfulness in suffering. Suffering is something we all encounter. It is not something that anyone likes, but sometimes we cope with it better than others. What have you found helps you to cope better with suffering?

3. As you read through the narrative of the Passion, where do you find yourself resonating with a character in the action? Is there any message the

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