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Seeing Your Life through the Lens of the Gospels - Matthew 2:13-15. 19-23

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Matthew 2:13-15. 19-23

1. The threat to the child Jesus put Joseph in a situation where he had to make a quick yet wise decision. Perhaps you have also had to make a speedy response to an unexpected crisis. Who were the ‘angels' who guided you to wise decisions? Remember them and give thanks.

2. The whole narrative is designed to bring out the guidance of God's providence for the child Jesus. Have there been times when you have been grateful that things worked out well for you despite adverse circumstances or experiences?

3. External forces imposed migration on Joseph and his family, until he came to establish a home in Nazareth. Where have you lived before coming to the place you now call home? How has this journey helped to fashion the person you are now? Perhaps you have a mixture of gratitude and regrets as you look back. Give thanks for the good memories. What helps you to deal with the disappointments and hurts in the past? Bring them to God with a prayer for further healing.

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