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Saint John Henry Newman

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Luke 20:27-38

1. The question of the Sadduccees suggests that how we will be in the afterlife is a continuation of how we are here. The reply of Jesus affirms that this is not so. We are important not because of any ‘status' we might have but because we are children of God. Recall moments when you saw your worth, or the worth of another, as something other than worldly status.

2. A common tactic in an argument is to make fun of the position of another. Then one does not have to take seriously the view being expressed. Have you ever found yourself doing this? Have you experienced others doing it with you? What were the effects of such an attitude? Is there life here? If not, where have you found a fuller life?

3. Jesus' use of the phrase ‘Children of the resurrection' to describe his followers, points to the fact that we believe in something that cannot be proven. Life can sometimes present us with that kind of a challenge-an invitation to believe in things we cannot prove: another person, a cause, the value of a course of action, etc. What has been your experience of believing and acting on this kind of faith?

4. At the heart of our Christian faith is belief that death is not the end. We believe that the relationship we have with God, and that starts in this life, survives death and continues after death in the resurrection. In this month of November we recall those we have loved and have died. How has belief in the resurrection helped you in thinking about those you have loved and who are no longer with you?

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