The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


Read 634 Times

Luke 17: 5-10

1. Faith can move mountains... well it can certainly get us moving. Recall a time when you were full of self-doubt, skepticism about a project, or lacking trust in God. What was that like? Contrast this with times when you believed in yourself, or in the value of a project you had undertaken, or when your faith and trust in God was strong. What kind of faith have you found enriched your life?

2. Faith is like a mustard seed - small. Sometimes we may be tempted to wait till our faith grows. Part of the message in the Gospel is to use the faith we have, even though it may be small. That is how we grow in belief in ourselves and in God's presence in our lives. Does your experience back this up?

3. It is nice when what we do is recognized and acknowledged, but the desire for recognition leaves us vulnerable. It is not always forthcoming. It can be helpful if our main motivation in doing something is the value of the action itself. Have you experienced this?

4. Love is a free gift. What is given lovingly is not given because of a claim. What is your experience of the freedom of love given and received?

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