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Get to know our Parish Saint – Who was Cardinal Newman?

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In our fourth instalment of Newman's life, we look at his career as an Anglican Minister.

Episode 4 - Illness strikes! Newman's struggle with health

John Henry NewmanIn 1833, Newman went on a tour of the Mediterranean. While in Sicily, Newman himself became seriously ill, likely of typhoid fever, and was close to death for ten days. In his delirium, he repeated phrases to those aiding him, one of which was ‘I have a work to do in England.' When he recovered, he was convinced that God had spared him for this special purpose. He would consider this his second great conversion, as it lead him to an even greater surrender to his Creator. It awoke even more deeply his desire to bring renewal to the Church that he loved.

On his return, Newman banded together with friends who also wanted to bring about this renewal: John Keble and Edward Pusey, among others. Together they aspired to combat the three evils they believed threatened the Church of England: spiritual stagnation, interference from the state and doctrinal unorthodoxy. It seemed as if the established church cared more for maintaining a good relationship with the Establishment than for being true to its origins.

Newman spoke of the need for a ‘better Reformation', and he and his associates embarked on what would be known as the ‘Oxford Movement'.

Next week: Crisis of faith: Newman questions his theology

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