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Get to know our Parish Saint – Who was Cardinal Newman?

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In our third instalment of Newman's life, we look at his career as an Anglican Minister.

Episode 3 - Newman enters Anglican ministry

University Church, OxfordNewman received Holy Orders from the Bishop of Oxford in 1825 and became curate of the Evangelical parish of St. Clement's. Newman became known for visiting all his parishioners, especially the sick and the poor. He also devoted a lot of time to personal study. It was during this period that Newman discovered the Church Fathers, the teachers of early Christianity. Through studying them Newman gained an appreciation of the Faith being Catholic i.e. universal. Another concept that became clear was that of apostolic succession, the means by which the Catholic Faith is preserved and transmitted through history. In reading the Church Fathers in this way, he said ‘Some portions of their teaching came like music to my inward ear.

It was around this time that Newman was preaching at St. Mary the Virgin Church, the official Church of the University. Newman's method of preaching captivated congregations. A primary source recounts ‘He laid his finger gently, yet how powerfully, on some inner place in the hearer's heart.' He preached with a great understanding of the human condition whilst also commanding a great knowledge of scripture. People began to travel from far away to hear him and he quickly became the most influential preacher in the country. From these beginnings, a movement would be born.

Next week: Illness strikes! Newman's struggle with health

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