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Corpus Christi hosts Live Crib Service

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01.2 live crib01.1 live cribThe annual "Live Crib" at Corpus Christi Church, Halton in East Leeds took place on Saturday 22 December 2018. Now in its eighth year, record numbers of people young and old turned out for what has become a highlight in the Christmas calendar for the parish of Blessed John Henry Newman.

Organised by the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal whose convent is next door to Corpus Christi Church, the re-enactment of the Nativity included singing by pupils from Corpus Christi Primary School and carols led by the church's choir. The Christmas story was narrated by the Franciscan Sisters. Accompanied by two impeccably behaved donkeys, the O'Neil family (mum, dad, and new born baby) played the Holy Family.
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Members of the clergy and parishioners took the part of the Shepherds and Kings. During the service, Franciscan friar Brother Angelo led the children in lively catechesis and Bishop Marcus Stock gave the congregation a final blessing. Noting that Fr. Patrick Wall played one of the shepherds, Bishop Stock said "As the principal shepherd of the diocese, I was impressed to see one of our parish priests also taking up the role!" Corpus Christi congregation member and parish pastoral council representative, Moira Wager (who also acted as "Mother Christmas" and handed out presents to children after the service) believes the Live Crib is a joyful event that brings together people of all ages, Catholics and non-Catholics.

Headteacher of Corpus Christi Primary School, Wendy Walsh, added that she was very proud of her pupils' contribution to the Live Crib and sees it as a great occasion in bringing children, parents and parishioners together. Observing that the Live Crib originates from St. Francis of Assisi who came up with the idea of recreating the scene of Christ's birth back in Thirteenth Century Italy, Sister Catherine Holum CFR commented that the Live Crib is an opportunity to deepen our devotion to the Child Jesus who was born into our world in humility and simplicity.
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