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Dear Mr. Adrian Strain and all our fellow Christians,

Thank you very much for the money which we received last year. The following pictures are going to show what has been done. At the primary school in Kilidu we have managed to make the windows, doors and floors in all two classrooms for TZS 2,000,000 (£700). The teacher is from our Teacher Training Centre Montessori. The teacher's salary is paid by parents. They have already 45 pupils in primary school as standard one and their teacher is Nurudin Abudala. All these pupils are from the kindergarten Kilidu. Next week the pupils will start their lessons. The challenges are that they still need desks at the moment and are sitting on the floor. Books and other teaching and learning materials are needed. In the building many things for the finishing stage are needed such as blocks, cements and colour.

The main supervisor of all work is the chair person of the village and secretary. They also try to involve the local Nyangara government leaders to support their effort. The response up to now is good.

We have still TZS 2,000,000 for the desks for Kilidu Kindergarten; the carpenters are still working on them, but also for the moment it will be difficult to send them because of the rainy season. The road is not good for transport.

In Montessori Training Centre the money is used to support two girls, Zainabu Adamu Sandari, who is in the white blouse and Bertila Paul who is in the grey T-shirt. Both of them will write letters to say thanks and they will show how much each one will be supported. Our budget was TZS 2,000,000

St. Paulo Majengo Dispensary people waiting for the service. This amount TZS 2,045,033 of money used for St. Paul dispensary for food, for the poor and milk for the children with malnutrition.

These different groups of people are very grateful for what you are doing to support them according to their needs. We Sisters of the Redeemer also appreciate your great support.

In spite of all your support we have still problems. Please if possible you are welcome to support the same projects. We wish you all blessings during the Lent time then joy during the Easter time.

1 million Tanzanian shillings is equivalent to approximately £320. Mtwaralinks sends approximately £6500 or (21 million shillings) to the Holy Redeemer Sisters each year.

Submitted by Adrian Strain
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Published Thu 16th May 2019 13:34:51
Last Modified on Thu 16th May 2019 13:36:55

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