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Saint John Henry Newman

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John 20:19-31

1. ‘Peace be with you' was the greeting of Jesus on meeting his frightened apostles. Who has come to you bringing peace at times when you were afraid? To whom have you been able to bring peace?

2. Thomas, doubting and questioning, is possibly a person with whom we can identify. What positive part have doubting and questioning played in your life? How have such moments helped you to know that your life is worthwhile? How have questions and doubts strengthened your faith?

3. Note the way that Jesus dealt with Thomas. He did not give out because Thomas doubted. He accepted how Thomas felt, and led him along to see the truth of the resurrection. Who has been that kind of teacher for you, gently meeting you where you were and leading you to a deeper knowledge of some truth about life? For whom have you been that kind of teacher?

4. ‘Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believed'. That requires great trust. Perhaps you have had the experience of being trusted without having to justify every step along the way. What was it like to be trusted in that way? Who have you been able to trust in a similar manner?

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