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The Ways of God.

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I'm sure some of us will remember the terrible floods that struck parts of Britain in 2007, causing damage, destruction and deaths; which reminds me of the following little story:-

Ernest was a widower, who had lived in a small village all his life. He was a very popular figure who was always involved in the social life of the village and was a regular in the village pub each evening. His cottage was only a few yards from the Catholic Church and being a devout man he attended Mass every day and prayed every night before going to bed. Then one day disaster struck, after heavy rains a nearby river burst its banks and began to flood the village. A rescue boat arrived and offered to carry him to safety, but he refused saying he wasn't going to leave his cottage. The water continued to rise and he was forced to move upstairs, then another rescue boat arrived and again offered to take him to safety, again he refused, saying, "I have faith in my God, I will be alright."

Shortly, he was left sitting on the roof, a rescue boat arrived once more and begged him to leave, but he said, "No! I am a man of faith and my God will save me."

The floodwaters continued to rise and he was carried away and drowned. He now stood forlorn, confused and angry as he stood before his God. He said, "Lord, I had such faith in you, but you let me down, why didn't you try to save me?" God looked at him and then said, "But I did try to save you, I sent the rescue boat to you three times, but you spurned my help, you only have yourself to blame for being here now."

God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

Published Sun 28th Apr 2019 08:12:19
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