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He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.

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In Jesus' day, when a carpenter completed a job, it was customary for him to wash his hands, dry them on a linen cloth, fold it and leave it on top of his work. That cloth was his trademark and whoever inspected it knew that the work was finished. On Easter Sunday, Peter saw the burial cloth that had been wound round Jesus' head; it was folded up, all by itself and apart from other grave cloths. This was also a sign that the work of Jesus' here on earth, was coming to an end and his Apostles would be tasked with spreading the word of God.

We all try to contribute to the "Charity Bottle" that we have in all three churches in our parish, supporting the valuable work of our missionaries.

It was nearing Easter and a missionary working in a small mountain village, had been teaching the villagers about the life of Jesus, when he managed to obtain a copy of a film portraying the life and death of our Lord. The whole of the village gathered together to watch the film, seated on the ground around the screen. They watched scenes of Jesus performing many miracles and preaching to vast crowds of people, they watched the raising from the dead of his friend Lazarus and they were all amazed. Then the film moved on to the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. The crowd fell silent and as Jesus died on the cross, the women in the village cried at the loss of their Saviour. Suddenly, a little boy at the back rushed forward, grabbed his mother's hand and said, "Don't cry mummy, he gets up again, I've seen this film before!"

The resurrection is at the very core of our Christian faith and the fact that, "He gets up again" ensures that we too will rise up to a new life after death.

"Now get busy, bring the message, so that all may come to know.
There is hope for saint and sinner, for our Lord has loved us so."

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